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Laboratory of Developmental Biology & Molecular Neurobiology

Maria E. Grigoriou

Associate Professor of Molecular – Developmental Biology

Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics

Democritus University of Thrace



A. Undergraduate courses 

1. Developmental Biology (compulsory course, 5th semester)

The course covers general principles of animal development. Invertebrate and vertebrate model organisms - C. elegans, Drosophila melanogaster, chick, Xenopus, mouse and human are studied. The intimate connection between Developmental Biology and Evolution, is an important theme throughout the course.

Webpage of the course (in Greek):


2. Stem cell & Regenerative Biology (Elective, 6th semester)

An elective course for students interested in Stem Cell Biology/Regenerative Biology. Students are introduced to the basics of Regenerative Biology and Stem Cell Biology as well as to key technologies in stem cell research. The course also covers key concepts of the applications of stem cells from the laboratory to the clinic.

Webpage of the course (in Greek):


3. Molecular Neurobiology (compulsory course, 7th semester, co-taught with Ass. Professor A. Paleologou )

An introductory course in modern Molecular Neurobiology. The course covers experimental work on a wide range of invertebrate and vertebrate model organisms. Emphasis is given in the molecular mechanisms underlying neurological disorders.

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4. Methods in Molecular Biology (compulsory hands-on laboratory course, 5th semester, co-taught with Professor R. Sandaltzopoulos, As. Proffessor G. Skavdis, Ass. Professor A. Galanis & Ass. Professor A. Paleologou )

A hands-on laboratory course aiming to introduce the students to the basic methods used in molecular biology research. In addition students are taught how to record and interpret scientific data as well as to formulate hypotheses and to design appropriate experiments to test them.

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B. Graduate Courses 

Master's Program “Translational Research in Molecular Biology & Genetics”  

•    Stem cells: from Biology to applications

•    Stem cells: ethical, policy & legislation issues

•    Biomarkers of pluripotency


Master's Program “Didactics of Biosciences”

•    The laboratory in Biosciences education


Address: Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, University Campus, Alexandroupolis,   Dragana 68100, GREECE                

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E-mail:  mgrigor@mbg.duth. gr

Phone: +30 25510-30657 (office) +30 25510-30674 (lab)

Fax:  +30 25510-30657 (office)