Assistant Professor, 
Department of Environmental Engineering,
Democritus University of Thrace

Dr. Ntougias received his PhD in 1999 from the University of London, UK. He worked as scientific staff member of the National Agricultural Research Foundation of Greece for approximately one decade (see CV). Since 2009, he has been working at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. His main research interests are the microbial systematics, the molecular identification of microbial communities, including extremophilic microorganisms, the wastewater treatment, the bioremediation of toxic compounds and the valorization of agro-industrial wastes and by-products. He has published 33 publications in high-impact international peer-reviewed scientific journals and books and has communicated more than 30 publications in national and international workshop and conference proceedings. In the last decade, he described three novel bacterial genera and species, i.e. Alkalibacterium olivapovliticus gen. nov. sp. nov., Olivibacter sitiensis gen. nov. sp. nov. and Halotalea alkalilenta gen. nov. sp. nov., and emended the family Halomonadaceae. He participated in the last edition of “Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology”, describing the genus Alkalibacterium

Position: Assistant Professor in Environmental Microbiology (FEK 886/16-8-2013 τΓ΄).  

Updated: April 26, 2012