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ArionbikeAristotelis C. Papageorgiou
Associate Professor

Tel: +30 25520 41155
Email: apapage[at]
skype: aristotelis.papageorgiou

Born in Athens, Greece in 1967. I studied Forestry & Natural Environment in Thessaloniki and received my MSc in Mediterranean Forest Management in Chania, Greece. I finished my PhD in Göttingen, Germany. Worked in research institutions, environmental NGOs, public administration and as a consultant. Since 2001 I have been teaching Forest Genetics and other related courses at the Democritus University of Thrace and managing the Forest Genetics Laboratory in Orestiada, Greece. My scientific interests include population genetics of wild plants, evolution, biodiversity conservation, forest policy. I enjoy cycling, long distance running, gardening and maintaining local varieties of agricultural plants. Dedicated to open access science, I have the ambition to make the Forest Genetics Laboratory an interesting place for students and visitors.

My interests in Forest Genetics
  • Genetic diversity of plants
  • Glacial refugia and lineages
  • Spatial genetic patterns
  • Mating systems
  • Morphometrics
  • Conservation of genetic resources
Other scientific interests
  • Biodiversity conservation and management
  • Environmental policy processes
  • Plant breeding in agriculture
  • Open access and networking
Other interests
  • Cycling, running, etc.
  • Small scale farming

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Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou

twitter: @ACPapageorgiou

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