George S.-P. Katrougalos



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Professor of Public Law, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece.


He was born in Athens in 1963. He has obtained his Law School Degree from Athens University (1985) and his master (D.E.A -1986-) and Doctorate in Public Law from the University Paris I-Sorbonne (1990). His thesis (summa cum laude) had as theme "The legitimation crisis of the Administration. The case of Greece" (Paris I-Sorbonne, Paris, 1990, Sakkoulas Brs. Publishers, 1994, Athens).


He has been Emil Noel Fellow and Senior Emile Noel at New York University (2008 and 2012, respectively). In 1994-1995 he has been visiting professor at Roskilde University, Denmark, under a fellowship of the Danish Research Academy. He has lectured as invited speaker at Oxford University, Columbia, Humboldt, Tilburg University, the London School of Economics, New Delhi Law School and in many Greek Universities.

 He has worked on research projects of the Council of Europe, the American Bar Association (CEELI Project), the  European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, the French National Center of Research (C.N.R.S.), the Institute of Greek Constitutional History and Constitutional Law, and the University Research Center of Social Security, Health and Assistance of the Law School of Athens (deputy member of its council of administration 1995-1996). He has worked, as international expert,  in various projects of institutional building in Uzbekistan (1997, 2005), North Macedonia (2000), Slovakia (2004), Syria (2003), Armenia (2004). In 1998 and 1999 he has offered legal consulting to the Albanian Parliament for the drafting of the new Albanian Constitution and in 2000 was Coordinator of the Stability Pact Programme “Institutional Support to the countries of Southern Europe” of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs-CECL.  He has worked as special legal advisor to the Greek Minister of Education (1994, 1997-2002). He has represented Greece as legal advisor to the 3d Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations (2000-2003) and was member of the group of experts of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the drafting of the Convention on the Draft Constitution of the European Union (2003-2004).


 He has been the first President and CEO of «Vocational Training S.A» (2002-2003), a public organisation of the Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and member of the Management Board of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), the EU agency specialized in vocational training policy.


He has served as member of the European Parliament (2014-2015), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece (2019), State Minister for European Affairs (2016-2019), Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity (2015-2016) and State Minister for Administrative Reforms (2015),  member of the Greek Parliament (2015-2023), President of the Unified European Left at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE, 2021-2023) and President of the Sub-Committee on the Arab World and the Middle East of PACE (2020-2022).


He is the writer of several books and over 130 articles in the legal press of Greece, France, Germany, India, Russia, Mexico and the USA. He is also editor (with Prof. D. Tsatsos) of the publication of the Albanian Constitution in Greek. Among his monographs are the following: “Southern European Welfare States” (with G. Lazaridis), Palgrave/Macmillan, 2003, "The social state in post-modern era", A. Sakkoulas, Athens, 1998, "Constitution, Law and Rights in the Welfare State ... and beyond", first edition Forlaget Samfundsokonomi & Plaenlaegning, Roskilde, 1995, second edition A. Sakkoulas, Athens, 1998, "The Right to live the and the Right to die", Athens, Ed. Ant. N. Sakkoulas, 1993.  He has also published many articles in Greek, American and European legal journals, among which: Rights in the Welfare State, Jahrbuch des oeffentlichen Rechts, 1995, The implementation of social rights in Europe, Columbia Journal of European Law, Summer 1996, The rights of foreigners in Europe, Web Journal of Current Legal Issues 5, 1995, The principle of legitimate expectations, Review of the Administrative Judges, Dioikhtikh Dikh, 4/1993.  Press here for indicative publications.

He has been member of the Board of KETHEA, research fellow and member of the Executive Committee of the Centre of European Constitutional Law, Foundation Th. and D. Tsatsos, founding member and member of the Board and pro bono legal advisor of the Greek National Committee of UNICEF.