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 Using the pre-compiled executables

If you have root previleges, you can simply find the correct (for your architecture) executable, move it to a directory in the users' PATH and give the name GraphEnt. Do not forget to make a symbolic link with the name graphent pointing to the same executable. If you do not have PGPLOT installed (obtainable from, then the users should also define an environmental variable PGPLOT_DIR pointing to the directory that contains the two essential PGPLOT files that I also include ( grfont.dat and pgxwin_server).

If you want to install the program in your area, then go to the GraphEnt/bin/my_arch directory, uncompress a suitable executable, make a symbolic link with ln -s ./myexecutable ./graphent and add something analogous to the following three lines in your .cshrc file (assuming that you unpacked GraphEnt in your top directory) :

alias GraphEnt /usr/people/<username>/GraphEnt/bin/my_arch/<my_uncompressed_executable>
alias graphent /usr/people/<username>/GraphEnt/bin/my_arch/graphent
setenv PGPLOT_DIR /usr/people/<username>/GraphEnt/bin/my_arch

NMG, Nov 2002