Vassilis Tsaoussidis, Professor
Network Protocols, Mobile Computing & QoS.

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Dept. Of  Electrical & Computer Engneering

Democritus University

Xanthi 67100

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Adrian Lahanas Chi Zhang, Lefteris Mamatas, Panos Papadimitriou, Ioanis Psaras, Ageliki Tsioliaridou, Stelios Dimitriou ]


I was born in Drama, Greece, in 1966. I have a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Aristotle University, Greece; a Diploma in Statistics and Computer Science from the Hellenic Institute of Statistics; and a Ph.D in Computer Networks from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany (1995). I served in the Greek Army until the end of 1996, I held a postdoctoral appointment at the Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, (1997), a faculty appointment at SUNY Stony Brook until 2000, a faculty appoitnment at the college of Computer Science of Northeastern Univerity, Boston until 2003. Visiting Professor appointments at TU Berlin (summer 2005) and MIT (2009)

I have supervised 8 Ph.D students, 30 Masters.