The NAP Research Group:

Experiments with Network and Application Protocols
for Wired and Wireless Networks

Gear drive
Egan Research Center, Room 222

Research Topics:

* Throughput and Energy Efficient Error Control
* TCP Performance, Fairness * TCP-friendly protocols
* Transport Protocols for Wired/Wireless/Mobile Networks
* Protocols and Architectures for handhelds
* QoS Tradeoffs and Adaptive Protocols
* Performance Metrics and Evaluation


The NGTP Seminar(Fall/Winter 2000/2001): Fridays: 3pm-5pm, Seminar room, 222 Egan

FALL 2001: Research issues on Internetworking: Fridays 2pm, Egan 222


- Advanced course on Internet QoS

Research Group:
Vassilis Tsaoussidis

Adrian Lahanas (Ph.D Thesis)
Chi Zhang (Ph.D Thesis)
Manav Khanna (Master Thesis)
Lakshman T. Easwaran (Master Thesis)
Deeptha Ganapathy (Master Project)
Mandira Moulik (Master Project)

Former Students
Dimitris Vardalis (Master Thesis) Xin Ge, Wei Liu, Rohit Verma, Songbin Wei, Sanjay Kaniyar, Yuke Tian, Jun Song, Liqun Na, Anuradha Deka (Master Thesis), Liang Wang

Group members presentation schedule

--V. Tsaoussidis, Error Detection/Correction and Performance Metrics and Evaluation (Seminar room)
--A. Lahanas, TCP versions (10/27) (seminar room) and Effective Evaluation of TCP Performance (11/3)(seminar room)
--C. Zhang, Current Research on TCP (11/18) (seminar room)
--Manav Khanna, TCP-friendly congestion management: RED, ECN and Congestion Manager (seminar room)
--Xiaoqin Ma, A Comparison of mechanisms for improving TCP performance (12/1/2000) (seminar room)
--Hector Fuentes, Energy Issues - 12/7/2000(seminar room)
--Xin Liu, Energy Savings and Wireless Devices/Networks (12/7/2000) (seminar room)
--V. Tsaoussidis, TCP-Probing (ICNP '2000 - slides)
--I. Matta and V. Tsaoussidis,Panel Discussion on Netxt Generation Networks, Organizer: Thomas LaPorta, Bell labs, ICNP 2000.
--V. Tsaoussidis, TCP/IP for everything, over anything, Jan 22, ACM NU Chapter.
--Deeptha Ganapathy, TCP over wireless networks, Jan 19, seminar room
--Adrian Lahanas, TCP error detection mechanisms, Jan 26, seminar room
--V. Tsaoussidis, Efficient Transport service in Next Generation Heterogenous Networks, January 26, 2001 (Verizon/BBN)
--V. Tsaoussidis, Designing dynamically-collaborative devices for fair and efficient network services, Jan 30, Ph.D Series at CCS.
--Chi Zhang, Rate-based Trasnport Service, Feb 2, seminar room
--Hector Fuentes, Energy-efficient architectures and protocols, Feb 9, seminar room
--Manav Khanna, RAP and Trunking, Feb 16, seminar room
--Ruoping Ye, Network performance testing tools, Feb 23, seminar room
--Shenmian Yu, Protocol design issues - network-aware protocols , March 2, seminar room
--Xiaoqin Ma, Wireless Internetworking, March 9, seminar room
--Deeptha Ganapathy, Retransmission Avoidance/Error Control Mechanisms, March 16, seminar room
--Nilesh Rathod, "Perspectives with RED Gateways", March 16, Seminar Room

Selected Recent Group Publications

  1. A. Lahanas and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "Improving the Performance of TCP in networks with Wireless Components using Probing Devices"
    IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference,
    IEEE WCNC 2002,
    Orlando, Florida, March 2002 (to appear).

  2. D. Vardalis and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "Efficiency/Fairness Tradeoffs in Networks with Wireless Components"
    The Journal of Supercomputing,
    Special Issue on Wireless Internet Protocols and Applications ,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002 (to appear).

  3. A. Lahanas and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "Experimental Evaluation of TCP-Probing in Mobile Networks"
    The Journal of Supercomputing,
    Special Issue on Wireless Internet Protocols and Applications ,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002 (to appear).

  4. V. Tsaoussidis and I. Matta,
    "Open issues on TCP for Mobile Computing",
    The Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing,
    Wiley Academic Publishers, Issue 2, Vol. 2, February 2002
    (published online by Wiley Interscience December 2001)

  5. V. Tsaoussidis, A. Lahanas, and C. Zhang,
    "The Wave and Probe Communication Mechanisms",
    The Journal of Supercomputing,
    Special Issue on Design and Evaluation of Trasnport Services,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, Vol. 20, No 2, September 2001
  6. A. Lahanas and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "Experiments with Adaptive Error Recovery Strategies",
    The 6th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications,
    IEEE ISCC 2001, IEEE Computer Society Press, Tunisia, July 2001.

  7. C. Zhang and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "TCP-Real: Improving Real-time Capabilities of TCP over Heterogeneous Networks",
    ACM Press, Port Jefferson, NY, June 2001.

  8. D. Vardalis and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "On the Efficiency and Fairness of Protocol Recovery Strategies in Networks with Wireless Components",
    International Conference on Internet Computing
    CSREA Press, Las Vegas, June 2001.

  9. V. Tsaoussidis, H. Badr,
    "TCP-Probing: Towards an Error Control Schema with Energy and Throughput Performance Gains"
    The 8th IEEE Conference on Network Protocols,
    ICNP 2000, Osaka, Japan, November 2000.
  10. V. Tsaoussidis, A. Lahanas, H. Badr,
    "Wave and Wait Protocol (WWP): Low Energy, High Throughput for Mobile IP-Devices",
    The 8th IEEE Conference on Networks,
    IEEE ICON 2000, Singapore, September 2000.
  11. A. Lahanas, D. Vardalis, and V. Tsaoussidis
    "On the Performance of Reliable Transport Protocols over Wide Area Networks",
    International Conference on Internet Computing,
    IC 2000, CSREA Press (ISBN), Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2000.
  12. V. Tsaoussidis, H. Badr, X. Ge, K. Pentikousis,
    "Energy/Throughput Tradeoffs of TCP Error Control Strategies"
    5th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications
    IEEE ISCC 2000, IEEE Computer Society Press, France, July 2000.
  13. V. Tsaoussidis, S. Wei,
    "QoS Management at the Transport Layer",
    IEEE Conference on Information Technology Coding and Computing,
    IEEE ITCC 2000, IEEE Computer Society Press, Las Vegas, March 2000.

Other Group Activities

The Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
Special issue on Reliable Transport Protocols for Mobile Computing

Journal of Supercomputing:
Special Issue on "Design and Evaluation of Transport Services"

Invited Speaker:
Jason Redi, Verizon/BBN
March 1, 2000, 2pm CN149

Invited Speaker:
Dah-Ming Chiu, SUN Microsystems.
Feb 14th 2001, 11 am, CN 149

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