Some Recent Publications

  1. A. Lahanas and V. Tsaoussidis,
    Exploiting the Efficiency and Fairness Potential of AIMD-based Congestion Avoidance and Control
    Computer Networks,Elsevier, Pages 227-245, Volume 43, Issue 2, October 2003

  2. P. Attie, A. Lahanas, and V. Tsaoussidis,
    Bimodal congestion avoidance and control
    Technical Report, Norhteastern University, June 2002.

  3. A. Lahanas and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "AIMD-FC: Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease - Fast Convergence"
    IEEE Networks 2002, Atlanta, Georgia, August 2002
    or Full paper
    Technical Report: NU-CCS-02-04
    Northeastern University, April 2002

  4. V. Tsaoussidis and A. Lahanas
    Exploiting the Adaptive Properties of a Probing Device for TCP in Heterogeneous Networks"
    Computer Communications ,
    Elsevier Science (to appear)

  5. V. Tsaoussidis and C. Zhang
    "TCP-Real: Receiver-oriented Congestion Control"
    Journal of Computer Networks
    Elsevier Science, pp 477-497, Volume 40, Issue 4, November 2002

  6. C. Zhang and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "The Interrelation of TCP Responsiveness and Smoothness",
    7th IEEE ISCC,
    IEEE Press, Taormina, Italy, July 2002.
    ("runner up" award i.e. 2nd best paper)

  7. V. Tsaoussidis and I. Matta,
    "Open issues on TCP for Mobile Computing",
    The Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing,
    Wiley Academic Publishers, Issue 1, Vol. 2, February 2002

  8. C. Zhang and V. Tsaoussidis,
    "TCP-Real: Improving Real-time Capabilities of TCP over Heterogeneous Networks",
    ACM Press, Port Jefferson, NY, June 2001.

  9. V. Tsaoussidis, A. Lahanas, and C. Zhang,
    "The Wave and Probe Communication Mechanisms",
    The Journal of Supercomputing,
    Special Issue on Design and Evaluation of Trasnport Services,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, Vol. 20, No 2, September 2001
    (Extended Version of the Wave and Wait Protocol from ICNP 99 and ICON 2000)