The Network and Application Protocols (NAP) Group

announces for the Fall 2001
a 2-quarter and 4-credit seminar on

"Research Issues on Internetworking"
Fridays 2pm, 149 CN

Instructor: Vassilis Tsaoussidis
Computer Science
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115, USA
Email:, (mailing list)
Phone: 617 373 8169

The group will discuss design and evaluation issues on congestion management, error control, fairness, and quality of service. The objective of the group in the first quarter will be to (i) understand the current limitations of protocol mechanisms (ii) study the recent developments in internetworking (iii) identify solutions for the current limitations. In the second quarter the emphasis will be given on small (or larger if needed) projects based on part (iii) of the first quarter. The group will meet every Friday at 2pm. Three types of meetings will be held: (i) presentations of recent or classic papers (ii) instructor's presentations (iii) group discussion on predetermined questions. The group will be confined to 8 participants with good background on networking and plans for research activities (e.g. projects, publications, master thesis). The 2-quarter seminar will count for (at least - depending on the project) 4 credits, as a reading course this or the next quarter. Each participant is expected to be active in questions/discussions, study selected research papers and present at least once in the group.

For a recent list of papers and topics please visit the List of papers. Details on the papers and questions will be announced soon. Activities of NAP during the last academic year can be found in The NAP Group

Vassilis Tsaoussidis