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Ioannis M. Dokas

Assistant Professor - Civil Engineering Department

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January 1999: Ioannis became PhD candidate at the Civil Engineering Department of DUTH where he designed and developed a fuzzy web-based expert system for the provision of early warnings and alert messages to accidents. He received his PhD diploma in February 2004.

January 2005: After his PhD, Ioannis awarded a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Fellowship and became postdoc researcher on safety-critical systems at the Institut für Informatik in the Universität Paderborn, in Germany. During this period, Ioannis received extensive training on accident models and hazard analysis techniques.

January 2007: A second Marie Curie Fellowship was awarded to Ioannis became postdoc researcher for one year at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C) of University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland. At that time the principal focus of his research was on the knowledge representation of risk related issues with ontologies.

January 2008: Ioannis received funding from the Irish Environmental Protection Agency for a five-year project on the domain of early warning services for drinking water treatment plants. He became, thus, research fellow in 4C. The research for Ioannis and his research team during this period was focused mainly on: (a) the design and development of a Software as a Service-based early warning fusion system for complex socio-technical systems; (b) a novel early warning sign identification technique named EWaSAP which is based on systems theory and the STAMP accident model; (c) the development of a domain-specific modeling language for the EWaSAP; (d) the definition of a set of attributes for the early warning sign concept.

June 2014: Ioannis was appointed Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of DUTH in the area of Safety and Performance of Engineering Systems.