Tinycore linux

Screenshots from the booting-up sequence

⯈ First view after running START. At this stage you may notice a significant delay. alt Initial screen

⯈ Second stage ... alt First command 1

⯈ Third stage ... alt First command 2

⯈ All done and ready to go ... alt Second command 1

Testing that everything works

You can test that everything has been installed correctly by typing the commands shown in the screenshot that follow. I'm sure you can figure-out what you have to type by comparing what you see on your monitor with what you see in the screenshots. Having said that, and to give just one example, for the first screenshot you'd have to type ls -lF , then cd progs , then ls -lF , and finally nano test.c (hit ENTER after each command).

alt First command 1

nano is a text editor (like notepad or wordpad). What you see in front of you is a program written in the C programming language (and contained in the file named test.c that you've typed). Don't change the program (at least for now). You can move around the file with the arrow keys. To exit nano give CTRL-X (hold CTRL, press X).

alt First command 1

Saving your work and shutting everything down

Type poweroff (and then ENTER) from the shell. You should see something like this :

⯈ typing poweroff ... alt First command 2

⯈ ... and the shut-down sequence ... alt Second command 1

You should always close the shell using the poweroff command. If you don't then (a) what you did will not be saved, and, (b) you may destroy the files that the shell uses and start again from the beginning.