Dr. Kyriaki KITIKIDOU - Assistant Professor

I serve as Assistant professor at the Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources of Democritus University, Greece. I have many years of research and teaching experience in Forest Biometry. My major research areas are Forest Biometry and Biostatistics. Forest Biometry includes forestry statistical analysis methods, sampling methods, measurement of felled wood and other forest products, measurement of standing timber and estimation of the stands' parameters, static (Dendrometry) and dynamic (Forest Growth). Biostatistics include statistical analysis methods, sampling, measurement and estimation of biological data. Biological data include ecological data (relating to climate and climate change, biodiversity, soil), epidemiological - medical and genetic data. Over the years, I applied varied approaches to teaching and conducting research with undergraduate and postgraduate students through creating and presenting course materials in both open field environments and classroom settings. Parallel, I have authored many publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


E-mail address: kkitikid@fmenr.duth.gr