Installing tinycore linux on MacOS

⯈ Download this file :

⯈ Download, install, and run (open) the UTM app from here :

⯈ Click the box saying “Create new virtual machine”.

⯈ In the Information tab, give the name “Tinycore” and confirm that “Style” is set to “Operating System”.

⯈ In the System tab : (a) select x86_64 for “Architecture”, (b) 512 for “Memory”, (c) Open “Advanced settings” and deselect (remove the tick) from where it says “UEFI”.

⯈ In the Drives tab : (a) click on “Import Drive” and select the tinycore.img file that you downloaded in the first step above, (b) In “Image Type” select “Disk Image”, (c) In “Interface” select “IDE”

⯈ Click Save at the bottom right. The virtual machine should appear on the left sidebar panel. Select it by clicking on it.

⯈ Click on the play button to run tinycore. See for instructions on how to use and properly shutdown tinycore.

⯈ From now on, to use tinycore : open UTM, select “Tinycore”, click the play button.