Nicholas M. Glykos' group

The facebook shown below includes both active members, and members that have moved along with their lives long time ago. The result is that most of the faces you see are -and will remain- frozen in time (which, undoubtedly, is a property of all photographs, but you already knew that).

Active members

Other than NMG, the group presently comprises Dimitrakopoulos Antonios (Folding of cystine-containing peptides in the reduced state), Arvaniti Konstantina-Olympia (Peptide folding in TFE/water mixtures), Psallidas Kyriakos (Foldable subdomain structures), Mitsikas Dimitrios (Folding of Asn-Gly-containing peptides), Chatzistylianou Panagiota (Folding of an amyloid Αβ-derived peptide), Boukoura Theodora (In silico mutagenesis studies of the influenza hemagglutinin/receptor complex), Chatzisavvas Aleksandros (Transition state identification via Q-T diagrams), Athanasopoulos Panagiotis (Crystallographic studies of a DNA methyltransferase), and Valaroutsou Euaggelia (Folding of a vammin-derived mutant peptide).

PhD theses

MSc theses

  • Chatzidimitriou D. (2015) "Approaching the phase problem of X-Ray crystallography with feed forward neural networks", MSc thesis (PDF 3.0 MBytes).

Final year theses

Recent conference posters

  • Moschou, D. & Glykos, N.M. (2016) "Approaching the crystallographic phase problem with Artificial Neural Networks", HeCrA-HSCBB conference (PDF 0.5 MBytes).
  • Riziotis, I. & Glykos, N.M. (2016) "Two-residue periodicities in protein structures : Results from a systematic search in 4-dimensional Ramachandran space", HeCrA-HSCBB conference, HSBMB conference (PDF 2.0 MBytes).
  • Baltzis, A. & Glykos, N.M. (2014) "Multidimensional PCA-based clustering of molecular dynamics trajectories", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.2 MBytes).
  • Serafeim A.-P. & Glykos, N.M. (2014) "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Ten-Amino Acid Protein", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.8 MBytes).
  • Patmanidis, I. & Glykos, N.M. (2012) "Folding simulations of a highly frustrated peptide", HSCBB conference (PDF 1.2 MBytes).