Nikolaos Kotsovinos

Research & Consulting

Principal  investigator or member of the  research team of various research and consulting projects:

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  1. INTERREG  III-   Ardaforecast    -Management of Ardas floods  ( 2012-2014)
  2. Regional common action strategy against coastal erosion and climate change effects for a sustainable coastal planning in the Mediterranean basin/ COASTANCE) , 2010-2011
  3. Preliminary  design  of a small  earth dam  in the area of Kyprinos  village (Prefecture of Evros)  , 2010.
  4. Beachmed_e  --Erosion problems   at pilot  sites of Thrace coastlines. (EU project) 2006-2008
  5. INTERREG  IIIB   MEDOCC  «Desertification –East Mediterranean SADMO)».  2006 -2008.
  6. New Technologies  in Hydrology and  Irrigation  ,2005-2008.
  7. Master Plan  for  protection  from Evros floods  , 2009
  8. Laboratory modelling  of   large scale  flows in a rotating table (  outflow of rivers Evros, Nestos and Dardanelles )  -Pythagoras project  , 2004-2007.
  9. Hydraulic model of  Gitanis ( river Kalama)  small hydro  (2006)
  10. Preliminary design of  fisherman port at  Koinyra( Thasos island)  , 2004
  11. Physical and numerical simulation of the  floods of Kifissos  river . 2003
  12. Management of  Irrigation  Waters  for the District of Xanthi  (2002)
  13. Investigation of  appropriate  site and preliminary design of  fisherman port at   Kariani  ( Kavala  prefecture), 2001
  14. Study of  beach  Erosion  west of  the fisherman port  at Limenaria ( Thassos)  , 2001 
  15. Dam break analysis of Smokovo dam  ,Hazard evaluation)  , inumndation maps and emergency action plan , 2001
  16. Study  of aerators  to avoid cavitation of  Sykias dam  weir ,2000 .
  17. Flood warning system for the Struma river basin  (   sub contractor of  Agricultural University of Athens), 2000 , INTERREG II
  18. Routing of floods hydrographs  of  transboundary  Evros river   , 2000
  19. Ιntegrated management of the Nestos/Mesta river basin waters-Existing regime-generals specifications (sub contractor of  Agricultural University of Athens),  2000,INTERREG II
  20. Management of  odor problem of the waste treatment plant of  Palio(Kavala), Greece, 1999
  21. Flood Hydrology and environmental restoration  of river Titarisio ( Municipality of Tirnavo), 1997
  22. Preliminary design  of the sewage  treatment plant of Eborion  City  ( Island of Santorini  , Greece).  (1995)
  23. Dam Break analysos and  Emergency action plan for the Evinos dam. (1996)
  24. PELAGOS – Hydrodynamics and Biogeochemical Fluxes in the Straits of the Cretan Arc (Aegean Sea, Eastern Mediterranean Basin)  Physical model in rotating table. (1996)
  25. Evaluation of the  call of tenders  proposals for the waste treatment  plant of the city of  Serres, Greece (1996)
  26. The Hydraulic-physical  model  of Evinos Dam  Tunnel Spillway  ,(1995)
  27. Hydraulic- physical Modeling  of   hollow jet valve stilling basin of  Smokovo Dam  ,(1995)
  28. Hydrology and Environmental restoration of the stream  of Xaladri (Greece ),1994
  29. Hydraulic-  physical and Numerical  Modeling of dispersion of pollutants  in Kerkyra’s  Sea (1993)
  30. A survey  of  sites  for  installations of  small Hydraulic  Power Plant  in Northern Greece (1993)
  31. The Hydraulic- physical model   of Temenos’s Dam Spillway (1991-1992)
  32. Turbulent mixing and Dispersion  of pollutants from a submerged two dimensional diffuser  (1992-1993)
  33. Preliminary study of  Xanthi’s Small Hydropower Plant in the Xerias  Irrigation  channel (1992)
  34. Study of the submarine sewage disposal of Kavala city (Greece )  (1988)
  35. Hydrology  and pollutant dispersion of Lake Vistonis, 1987
  36. Mathematical model describing the quality of runoff from agricultural or urban watersheds - application to lake Vistonis hydrological basin. ( 1983 – 1987) . EU  project 
  37. Physical Modeling of  Pollutant  Dispersion  in  a  Tidal current-The case of Euvoikos gulf ,1985
  38. Ecology  of Vistonis lake : measurements of  salinity and temperature, 1983