• Postgraduate program

  • Conferences Activity / Invited Talks


  • Invited speaker in the field of FUZZY LOGIC in University of Crete, University of Ioannina, Aristotle

    University of Thessaloniki (1999-2007)

  • Lectures on research and postgraduate level in FUZZY LOGIC (1995-1998)

  • Lectures in categorical models of linear logic (chu spaces)1998-1999

  • Conducted seminars on topology functional spaces at the university of Patras (1991-1995)

  • Conducted seminars in the analysis field of the mathematical section of AUTH (1983-1986)

  • Invited speaker on Fuzzy Estimators in the congress "International Conference Trends and Challenges

    in Applied Mathematics" invited by the Polytechnic University of Bucharest 2007

  • Attended the working group1&2 meeting of cost-action 15 on many-valued logics for computer

    science applications in Vienna where lectured on generalizing topology via Chu spaces 1998

  • Participated in the scientific committee in the conference on current trends and developments in

    fuzzy logic in Thessaloniki 1998

  • Invited speaker in the steklov mathematical institute of the soviet academy of sciences 1992, 1994-1995

  • Presented work in topology and its applications in Dubrovnik Yugoslavia 1985

  • Presented work in the Third national meeting on topology in Triesteitaly 1986

  • Presented work in sixth and seventh Prague topological symposium on general topology and its

    relation to modern analysis and algebra Prague 1986, 1991

  • Participated in the conference "short conference on uniform mathematics Bern Switzerland"


  • Participated in the scientific committee and presented work in the "current trends and

    developments in fuzzy logic" Thessaloniki 1998

  • Member of the scientific committee in the congresses of mathematical analysis (1990- 2010)

  • Member of the round table on "curriculum of mathematics and the needs of higher education" in

    which presented also work "a journey from classical to modern logic" Chios 1998

  • He was invited to lecture at many other Universities