• Postgraduate program

  • Research Skills / Research Areas


  • General topology

  • Functional topological spaces, uniform structures, cohesions, fuzzy topological spaces, topology

    via logic

  • Model theory

  • Categorical models of mathematics and computational structures

  • Expert systems theory

  • Participated in the development of the research program "General Development Plan (master

    plan) for state airport of Rhodes" (member of the team), funded by the civil aviation coordinator and Associate Professor of DUTH V. Profyllidis.

  • Configure the proposals for all the programs referring EPEAEK, along with the Prof. Kotsovinos,

    by decision of the Department of Civil Engineering of DUTH (June 1995), which were presented by the Department of Civil Engineering within the b' KPS. For this reason we presented the Department of Civil Engineering honorable mention, by unanimous decision G.A. Part of the scientific committee of the program for the library, which was therefore approved (forming horizontal action for DUTH), to the amount of 1.5 billion drachmas, but resigned for personal reasons.

  • Participated in the program EPEAEK "Internship by students of Civil Engineering" from 1997 as

    scientific director. One of the key factors was devised by Science Officer Associate Prof. P. Matsoukis.

  • Participated in the EPEAEK program, "Upgrading of Undergraduate Studies, Department of

    Civil Engineering" from 199, as scientific director. One of the key factors was devised by coordinator Prof. P. Matsoukis.

  • Head of the scientific program "Study Fuzzy Spaces " after delegation (PRENED 96), which was

    funded by the Research Committee (1996-1998).

  • Head of the scientific program, 'Power set-Fuzzy Fuzzy Lattices and Applications' After

    delegation (PRENED 98), which was and funded by the Research Committee.

  • Participant of the research team's scientific program, "Application of Fuzzy Mathematics in road

    Safety", adopted after assessment (PRENED 98) and funded by the Research Committee. (Com. Responsible Prof. Kokkalis

  • Principal author of the Offer and Project Manager of the research program "Upgrade of the

    Undergraduate Studies, in the Department of Civil Engineering" (2003-2008), EPEAEK II.

  • Participated in the team of the research program entitled 'Numerical Solution of Differential

    Equation with oscillating Solution-Fuzzy multisets' (PRENED 99), with coordinator Professor Th.Simos.

  • Participated in the team of the research project entitled 'Contribution to the study of certain

    forms of non- linear difference equations and application' (PRENED 99), with coordinator Professor G.Papasxinopoulos

  • Principal Investigator of DUTH, of joining to the AUTH, NTUA, EME, Union of Greek Physics,

    etc. for the program equal to educate the science studies, graduates.

  • Principal Investigator of DUTH in the European program, math.ind. (aBalkan and eastern

    European network of excellence for the diffusion of mathematics for industry expertise) (2002-2004)

  • Scientific director and chief in the research team in tree projects of the General Secretariat for

    Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Ministry of Development, for representation of DUTH, in the exposure of science and technology at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki (2006-2008). Presented the works: 'Modeling Systems Economics and Management and Systems Engineering with the help of Fuzzy Logic' (2006), 'Hybrid Systems (Fuzzy Logic and Statistics)' (2007), 'Fuzzy Logic- Expert Systems' (2008).