Nicholas M. Glykos' group
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Undergraduate level

The undergraduate courses that are -or have been- taught include 'Bioinformatics' (mainly algorithms), 'Introduction to computational biology' (unix and C programming), 'Advanced themes of Bioinformatics' (perl), 'Structural biology' (basic stuff based on the Branden and Tooze book), and finally, the 'Advanced themes of Structural biology' (essentially methods of macromolecular crystallography). Final year (diploma thesis) students are trained on structural computational biology projects (see the theses section from the 'people' link above).

Postgraduate level

At the postgraduate level, and other than tormenting the occasional PhD student, the courses of 'Bioinformatics' and 'Introduction to protein crystallography' are -or have been- taught at the MSc level at the Universities of Crete and Democritus University of Thrace.

For the main teaching pages (in Greek), follow the teaching link above.


Most people in the group follow NMG in his everlasting attempt to maximize his distance from the wet lab (which, very conveniently, also allows them to pretend working while surfing and chatting on the internet). Occasionally, however, a student does come who wants to make an expensive mess by growing Escherichia coli, purifying a protein, and then throwing all of it on the floor. These students are being treated with understanding and sympathy. The rest of the students, prefer to play with molecular dynamics simulations, or to write a few hundred lines of perl code analysing structures or (god forbid) sequences.

For an honest (printed) account of what is coming out of all that, follow the links entitled 'Publications' and 'People' above. For details of the computational and experimental facilities available to the group, click on the images shown at the top of this page.