Nicholas M. Glykos' group
The departmental terminal room The laboratory Norma cluster
The departmental terminal room (a panoramic view of which is shown below) is being used for the practicals and exercises of several undergraduate courses, including but not limited to 'Introduction to computational biology' (unix and C programming), 'Bioinformatics' (mainly algorithms), 'Advanced themes of Bioinformatics' (Perl), 'Structural biology' (basic stuff based on the Branden and Tooze book), and finally, the 'Advanced themes of Structural biology' (essentially methods of macromolecular crystallography). Needless to say that these are all GNU/Linux machines based on free open-source software.

In the old days, this terminal room also served as a research-oriented openmosix cluster, used mostly for molecular dynamics simulations. Although the terminal room is no longer being used for serious calculations (we have a dedicated Beowulf cluster for that), the web pages from that era are still preserved on the terminal room's head node and can be accessed from here.

The terminal room