Nicholas M. Glykos' group

Active members

Other than NMG, the group presently comprises Papamichael Euaggelia (Derivation of transition pathways from folding landscapes), Karasoultanis Georgios (ncarma: a TUI-based program for the analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories), Nikolopoulou Drosoula (Homology modeling of the complex between the Repressor of Primer protein and its cognate RNA kissing complex), Mantis Christos (PCA-based clustering of protein structures), Vouzina Olympia-Dialekti (Folding studies of the A31P Rop mutant using a coarse-grained force field), Kolypetris George (Conserved clusters of contacts in protein structures), Alexiadou Dimitra (Structural computational biology studies of a non-specific DNA-binding peptide).

PhD theses

  • Apostolou-Karampelis, K. (2016) "Study of compositional patterns, distributions and symmetries of nucleotide motifs at genome scale", PhD thesis (PDF 8.3 MBytes).
  • Georgoulia P. (2012) "Computational studies of foldable tetra- and penta-peptides", PhD thesis (PDF 10 MBytes).

MSc theses

  • Chatzidimitriou D. (2015) "Approaching the phase problem of X-Ray crystallography with feed forward neural networks", MSc thesis (PDF 3.0 MBytes).

Final year theses

Recent conference posters

  • Chatzopoulou, M. & Glykos, N.M. (2021) "Geometric modeling of coiled-coils using Isambard: the case of the RM6 variant of the Repressor of Primer protein", HSCBB21 conference (Abstract, Poster).
  • Giannaki, A.-A. & Glykos, N.M. (2021) "Buried β-turns in hydrophobic cores: Structural and Functional Implications", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.8 MBytes).
  • Mitsikas, D. & Glykos, N.M. (2018) "Propensities of Asn-Gly heptapeptides to form β-turn structures: a Molecular Dynamics simulation approach", HeCrA-HSCBB conference (PDF 1.9 MBytes).
  • Moschou, D. & Glykos, N.M. (2016) "Approaching the crystallographic phase problem with Artificial Neural Networks", HeCrA-HSCBB conference (PDF 0.5 MBytes).
  • Riziotis, I. & Glykos, N.M. (2016) "Two-residue periodicities in protein structures : Results from a systematic search in 4-dimensional Ramachandran space", HeCrA-HSCBB conference, HSBMB conference (PDF 2.0 MBytes).
  • Baltzis, A. & Glykos, N.M. (2014) "Multidimensional PCA-based clustering of molecular dynamics trajectories", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.2 MBytes).
  • Serafeim A.-P. & Glykos, N.M. (2014) "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Ten-Amino Acid Protein", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.8 MBytes).
  • Patmanidis, I. & Glykos, N.M. (2012) "Folding simulations of a highly frustrated peptide", HSCBB conference (PDF 1.2 MBytes).