Nicholas M. Glykos' group

Active members

Other than NMG, the group presently comprises Mantis Christos (PCA-based clustering of protein structures), Vouzina Olympia-Dialekti (Folding studies of the A31P Rop mutant using a coarse-grained force field), Kolypetris George (Conserved clusters of contacts in protein structures), Zigkou Aristea-Marina (Variability of atomic density in protein structures : structural and functional implications), Giannaki Aikaterini-Alexandra (Buried β-turns in hydrophobic cores), Alexiadou Dimitra (Structural computational biology studies of a non-specific DNA-binding peptide), Chatzopoulou Magdalene (Structural modeling of a reversed-sequence protein).

PhD theses

  • Apostolou-Karampelis, K. (2016) "Study of compositional patterns, distributions and symmetries of nucleotide motifs at genome scale", PhD thesis (PDF 8.3 MBytes).
  • Georgoulia P. (2012) "Computational studies of foldable tetra- and penta-peptides", PhD thesis (PDF 10 MBytes).

MSc theses

  • Chatzidimitriou D. (2015) "Approaching the phase problem of X-Ray crystallography with feed forward neural networks", MSc thesis (PDF 3.0 MBytes).

Final year theses

Recent conference posters

  • Mitsikas, D. & Glykos, N.M. (2018) "Propensities of Asn-Gly heptapeptides to form β-turn structures: a Molecular Dynamics simulation approach", HeCrA-HSCBB conference (PDF 1.9 MBytes).
  • Moschou, D. & Glykos, N.M. (2016) "Approaching the crystallographic phase problem with Artificial Neural Networks", HeCrA-HSCBB conference (PDF 0.5 MBytes).
  • Riziotis, I. & Glykos, N.M. (2016) "Two-residue periodicities in protein structures : Results from a systematic search in 4-dimensional Ramachandran space", HeCrA-HSCBB conference, HSBMB conference (PDF 2.0 MBytes).
  • Baltzis, A. & Glykos, N.M. (2014) "Multidimensional PCA-based clustering of molecular dynamics trajectories", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.2 MBytes).
  • Serafeim A.-P. & Glykos, N.M. (2014) "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Ten-Amino Acid Protein", HeCrA conference (PDF 0.8 MBytes).
  • Patmanidis, I. & Glykos, N.M. (2012) "Folding simulations of a highly frustrated peptide", HSCBB conference (PDF 1.2 MBytes).