Nicholas M. Glykos' group


This is Queen of Spades version 1.3.

License and documentation

 ·  Queen of Spades is free software and you are encouraged to use, copy, modify, and distribute both the program and its documentation (here is the documentation in pdf format (270 KBytes) or you can view the corresponding html file).

 ·  If you ever need to reference this program in your publications (but note that you are not required -at least by me- to do so), please use the following citation : Glykos, N.M. & Kokkinidis, M. (2000), "A stochastic approach to Molecular Replacement", Acta Crystallogr., D56, 169-174 (abstract, PDF 415 KBytes).


Get the compressed archive Qs.tar.gz (2.0 MBytes). Contains source code, documentation, example scripts, test files and stand-alone executable images suitable for Irix, Linux, DEC VMS and Windows.

md5sum (Qs.tar.gz) = 7a7dee5364989de68f91d007c791d5b0


On a Unix machine, do :

tar zxvf Qs.tar.gz
cd Qs

Windows users will have to start their 7Zip-like program and follow the instructions for unpacking the distribution. Once you unpacked the archive, go to the carma folder and follow the instructions in the 0README file.