Nicholas M. Glykos' group


This is GraphEnt version 1.2.

License and documentation

 ·  GraphEnt is free software and you are encouraged to use, copy, modify, and distribute both the program and its documentation (here is the documentation in pdf format (3 MBytes) or you can view the corresponding html file).

 ·  For a non-mathematical introduction to what this program does, have a look at this short provocative note (also available as a PDF file). If you think that seeing-is-believing, have a look at these screenshots.

 ·  If you ever need to reference this program in your publications (but note that you are not required -at least by me- to do so), please use the following citation : Glykos, N.M. & Kokkinidis, M. (2000), "GraphEnt : a maximum entropy program with graphics capabilities.", J. Appl. Crystallogr., 33, 982-985. (abstract, PDF 777 KBytes).

Automated installer for Linux/CCP4 users

Impatient Linux/CCP4 users can start from this CCP4 quick start guide which includes instructions for using a fully automated installer.


Get the compressed archive GraphEnt.tar.gz (9 MBytes). Contains source code, documentation (PDF, html, man page), example scripts, test files and executable images suitable for Linux, MacOSX (i686), windows, Irix, OSF, and Solaris.

md5sum (GraphEnt.tar.gz) = fa7a2a0042da8ba5249411156de19b0f


On a Unix machine, do :

tar zxvf GraphEnt.tar.gz
cd GraphEnt

and then follow the instructions.

Web service availability

If you are in a hurry and you just want to give it a try with GraphEnt and you have an MTZ file with FWT-PHWT or 2FOFCWT-PH2FOFCWT coefficients, you can use this fully automatic web service.